Ukraine needs to resolve GM soybeans cultivation - State Service on Food Safety and Consumer Protection




Ukraine needs to resolve the issue of GM soybeans cultivation at the state level, since clear rules of the game must be established for all market participants, declared Vadim Chaikovsky, Head of the Department of Phytosanitary Safety, Control in the field of seed, seedling and grain quality of State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection on August 26 within a conference Soybean and Meal market.

“We really need to make a number of significant changes to the current legislation. There should be clear, transparent rules of the game in this segment. GMO has a right to exist, but only if everything is legally registered. The cultivation of GM products is possible, if it has been adapted, carried out correctly. It is important that these products are sold legally”, - he stressed.

According to V. Tchaikovsky, it is worth remembering that Ukraine has been among the TOP-10 suppliers of soybeans to the world market for many years.

“In 2021, the area under soybeans amounted to 1.28 mln ha in Ukraine, down 6% from the last year. Our state phytosanitary inspectors inspect all soybean areas annually both on a planned basis and at the request of business entities”, - he said.

Tchaikovsky recalled the importance of unconditional responsibility to meet the quality requirements of the importing country. According to him, in 2021, the number of notifications that Ukraine received regarding non-compliance with phytosanitary measures increased. The country received the largest number of notifications from China due to the discovery of ragweed seeds in the batches of soybeans.