Ukraine exported 7 mln tonnes of wheat




According to State Custom Service of Ukraine, since the beginning of 2021/22 MY and as of August 27 Ukraine exported 7.006 mln tonnes of grains and pulses, up by 645 thsd tonnes year-on-year, reported the press-service of Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

Particularly, Ukraine has exported 3.969 mln tonnes of grain in August.

In particular, Ukraine exported 3.413 mln tonnes of wheat (-492 thsd tonnes y-o-y), 2.385 mln tonnes of barley (+477 thsd tonnes), 7 thsd tonnes of rye (+6.2 thsd tonnes) and 1.182 mln tonnes of corn (+650 thsd tonnes).

Moreover, Ukraine exported 20.5 thsd tonnes of flour (-12 thsd tonnes) including 20.3 thsd tonnes of wheat flour (-11.9 thsd tonnes).