Alapros company became silver sponsor of Grain Processors Forum-2021




Turkish company Alapros became a silver sponsor of XIX international conference Grain Processors Forum-2021to be held in Odessa on September 23-25.

Alapros is a professional company offering integrated solutions in grain milling / processing technologies through the machines it manufactures and the factories it builds.

Alapros was founded by Mehmet Alapala and Semih Alapala and includes an experienced team of design, automation, flour milling machine and equipment production and technical experienced people who share a passion for helping people in milling industry.

Alapros designs all its products, services and processes with the aim of global leadership.

Its brand is the signature of an experienced team believing that “innovation is more than just a word” and living by the passion to innovate and produce.

Alapros offers products and services from the custom development and manufacturing of flour milling machines and equipment with integrated solutions, such as design, diagram, automation and commissioning.

Today, the company manufactures competitive products in its industry 4.0 suitable factory.

The Alapros brand rises on:

Alapros is a dependable brand, which has gained the trust of all our customers, employees and partners.


As the manner of making business constantly changes on a global scale, Alapros is not merely a follower of this change; on the contrary, it is in the leading role, changing the rules and setting new standards through its high quality and innovative products.


In the age of speed where the channels of communication constantly evolve and the importance of time is better grasped, Alapros ensures customer satisfaction, along with its high quality products and services, through fast response processes in both the pre-sales and post-sales services.


Alapros values environmental and social responsibility in the areas of clean environment, safe workplace, and energy efficiency and sustainability in its products and production processes.

Join Grain Processors Forum-2021 in Odessa on September 23-25 and get a chance to meet and communicate with the representatives of Alapros