Egypt needs to raise wheat imports efficiency - FAO




By 2025, the consumption of wheat will raise by 15% in Egypt. At the same time, the domestic supply will grow by 12%, while imports will increase by 17%, declared Consultant with FAO Investment Centre, Stephanie Leontiev within her presentation at the international Middle East Grains&Oils Congress, organized by APK-Inform in Cairo on September 30.

Imports of grain will remain essential for Egypt’s food security due to population growth, limited arable land and water scarcity. Therefore, there is a strong need to promote import value chain efficiency and a conducive regulatory environment”, - the expert explained.  

Today, supplies of wheat to Egypt face some difficulties that have to be resolved to raise the efficiency of wheat imports.

“We can point out the key difficulties, such as high uncertainties in wheat import costs due to rejections, time-consuming inspection procedures in the ports and disputes on sampling and testing, and lack of quality and efficiency of storage facilities”, - she said adding that the elimination of these difficulties can save significant amount of money for Egypt. 

Additionally, the expert pointed out the recommendations for tenders, such as a decrease of protein requirement from 12.5% to 11.5% and making a payment immediately instead of 180 days delay. These steps will allow to cut wheat imports costs.