Private Egyptian importers to raise wheat purchases by 5-7% in coming years - FAО




In January-August 2021, Egypt cut wheat imports by more than 20%, declared Market Grain Information and Agricultural Markets Consultant with FAO, Mohamed Elgammal within his presentation at the international Middle East Grains&Oils Congress, organized by APK-Inform in Cairo on September 30.

“Egypt’s imports of grains were not affected by the COVID-19 pandemic crises. However, in January-August 2021, imports of wheat decreased by 20.5% compared to the same period of 2020 to 6 mln tonnes. The imported quantities of wheat decreased only because of the policies followed by countries of the Black Sea such as Russia, Ukraine and Romania; as they prohibited the exportation of grains partially and imposed a high exporting tax to ensure the provision of grains to their internal markets”, - the expert explained.

M. Elgammal added that the wheat imports began to increase in the first half of September 2021 and amounted to 1.24 mln tonnes.

Additionally, the expert forecasts the growth of wheat imports by Egyptian private sector by 5-7% in the coming years amid population growth, increase in the consumption of bread products and pasta as well as increase in exports of fine flour, pasta and biscuits to African and Arab countries.

“As to wheat purchases by GASC, they will decline by 10-15% in the coming years due to the changes in the state subsidized bread program”, - M. Elgammal added.