Fat-and-Oil Industry-2021 to be held in double format




Due to the worsening of the pandemic situation in Ukraine and the transition of five oblasts, including Odessa oblast, to the red zone of the adaptive quarantine as well as in order to protect the life and health of participants of the conference, the organizing committee of Fat-and-Oil Industry-2021 decided to make adjustments to the program and regulations of the event.

ХХ international conference Fat-and-Oil Industry-2021 will be held in double format:

  • The first event will be held on November 3, 2021 online.
  • The offline event is shifted to March 2022.
For twenty years, Fat-and-oil Industry serves as a powerful discussion platform giving a glorious opportunity to discuss the main market issues and forecast the development for the new season. 

Inflationary processes and recovery of the key world economies supporting the prices of raw materials, global climatic and geopolitical changes, development of environmental and organic trends, changes in the zoning and structure of production, all these and many other factors will affect the formation of demand and price dynamics on the oilseed market in the new season. And all these issues will be discussed within the conference.

Key topics:

  • Growth of sunflower seed production in the Black Sea region: will there be a price decline?
  • Higher supply of sunflower oil on the world market: should we expect a further shift in the interests of the key importers?
  • Global trends of the world oilseed market and their impact on Ukraine
  • Restoring palm oil production
  • The market of petroleum products and biofuels as a key price driver
  • Market for high oleic sunflower seed and oil: premium or discount
  • Capacity utilization and refining efficiency amid high market uncertainty
  • Influence of state policy on the fat and oil market of Ukraine
  • Climate change and EU Green Deal - challenges and opportunities

Stay in touch, follow the conference page for updates and stay in the know of all news of fat-and-oil industry of Ukraine and the world!