Russian Agricultural Ministry expects “quite good” production of key agricultural crops - Patrushev




The Agricultural Ministry of Russia expects “quite good” production of the key agricultural crops in 2021, declared the Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev on October 20.

He said that the farmers had already harvested about 115.5 mln tonnes of grains despite the adverse weather conditions this year.

“The current grain crop is already enough to cover the domestic needs and export potential. Our farmers continues harvesting other crops. They have harvested 18.8 mln tonnes of oilseeds, up by almost 1.5 mln tonnes year-on-year. We expect sizable increase of oilseeds production in 2021”, - he stated.

Particularly, rapeseed crop have already amounted to 2.9 mln tonnes that is already exceeding the result of 2020.