Ukraine more than tripled wheat export to Turkey in Q1 of 2021/22 MY - APK-Inform




According to APK-Inform, Ukraine exported 834.7 thsd tonnes of wheat to Turkey in July-September 2021, up 3.2 times compared to the same period of the preceding season (261.1 thsd tonnes) and up 5% compared to the result of the full 2020/21 MY (794 thsd tonnes). Turkey moved to the third place among the leading importers of Ukrainian wheat.

Higher purchases of Ukrainian wheat occurred due to expected growth of wheat import to Turkey amid lower domestic production. USDA forecasts Turkey to raise wheat import to 10 mln tonnes this season, up 24% y/y. At the same time, the output of Turkish wheat may decline by 10% to 16.5 mln tonnes, while the consumption will increase by 2% to 21 mln tonnes.

Russia and Ukraine are the key suppliers of wheat to Turkey. Their common share amounted to 95% in the overall import of wheat to Turkey in 2020/21 MY. The share of Russia was 86%, while that of Ukraine was 10% only. The countries exported 3.6 mln tonnes of wheat to Turkey in July-September of 2021/22 MY. The share of Ukraine rose to 23% in the structure of supplies of Russian and Ukrainian wheat compared to 10% in July-September of 2020/21 MY.

Lower production of wheat in Russia and the record crop in Ukraine allow stronger position of latter on the Turkish market.