Khorolskiy Mechanical Plant continues improving production of equipment for the agro-industrial complex




The leading producer of equipment for cleaning, storing and processing of agricultural products – Khorolskiy Mechanical Plant – is a technology sponsor of Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Qazaqstan.

Today, Ukrainian enterprise with 80 years of experience is as good as the leading European and global companies as to the quality and provides a whole range of equipment for:

  • Vegetable oil production
  • Grain storing and cleaning
  • Compound feed production
  • Groats production
  • Flour production
  • Seeds production

The professionals of the Khorolskiy Mechanical Plant continue to improve the production of equipment for the agro-industrial complex. Over the past year, the plant has expanded the line of separators, having mastered reciprocators with USM-22 bodies. The plant launched the production of high-capacity drum separators with two drum circuits PB2K.

“We continue the successful production of high-performance separators BSH-500 with screen surface of 48 m2. We have developed a pre-cleaning machine SPO-250 to work in conjunction with this separator. The machine provides separation of large impurities and has a closed-cycle aspiration chamber. In addition to grain cleaning, we do not forget about cereal production. For example, we expanded the range of paddy machines. Our new product MCX-60 has 60 working channels and is capable of providing a capacity of up to 4 t/h”, – the company says.

In the near future, Khorolskiy Mechanical Plant will present a flexible sifter UPV-3-8, which will be used in compound feed production lines. The plant is also developing a high-performance gravity separator to be used in seeds lines.

Moreover, the plant produces a full range of core and supporting equipment for hulling and winnowing shops of fat-and-oil enterprises.

The experts of Khorolskiy Mechanical Plant will present their new products for grain processing and fat-and-oil industries within Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Qazaqstan, which will be held on November 17-18 in Nur-Sultan.