Global trade in main types of groats and flour products amounted to 60 bln USD – APK-Inform




According to the International Trade Center, the global trade in main types of groats and flour products totaled a record 59.7 bln USD in 2020. In absolute terms, the trade totaled 28.8 mln tonnes. Over the last 10 years, the trade gain totaled 33% in absolute terms and 38% in monetary terms, declared Andriy Kupchenko, Head of Business project unit with APK-Inform within Asia Grains Oils Conferance in Qazaqstan on November 17.

The expert said that bread products and confessionary account for the largest share in trade turnover. It accounts for 41% in absolute terms and 63% in monetary terms.

“The share of groats and groats products account only for 5% of the global trade in monetary terms”, – A. Kupchenko said.

Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and other countries of the EU area the leading exporters of bread products and confessionary. The USA, Canada and Mexico are the big suppliers as well.