Export of sunflower seed and oil from Kazakhstan actually stopped




Kazakh exporters of sunflower seed and oil have been being unable to export their products for nearly a month, as the Ministry of Agriculture has not allocated the quotas for November, informed ElDala.

The quotas on export of sunflower seed and oil were introduced in August 2021. The order was adjusted in October. However, due to the implementation of the new order, the quotas for November were not allocated. Therefore, the exporters are made to delay their shipments.

The new order is currently under approval. It provides for an increase of the export quotas of sunflower seed (125 thsd tonnes) and sunflower oil (110 thsd tonnes) until July 1, 2021.

Producers say that they are close to default, as they cannot perform their foreign contracts in time.

Moreover, this situation affects the pricing on the domestic market. Producers say that the current prices do not cover the operating costs, credit payments and preclude the development.