France has number of advantages for corn seeds production – F.N.P.S.M.S.




France is Europe’s leading corn seed producer as well as global leader in corn seed export. Export from France account for 60% of corn seeds on the EU market, declared Valérie Brochet, director at F.N.P.S.M.S. within Seed Forum – 2021 on December 2.

“More than 2 000 varieties with high quality parameters of corn are produced on average in France every year. The average area under corn seeds totaled 78 thsd ha in the recent years that is sizably higher compared to other large seeds producing countries of Europe – Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Austria, where this figure is about 30 thsd ha. Generally, France has a number of advantages allowing it to be the leader on the global market”, – the expert said.

Among these advantages, she pointed out a relatively attractive level of income, predictable income that can be forecast on the basis of clear parameters, long-term viability for small farms, interesting technical aspects, support for technical and economic advice through professional associations, seed companies and the inter-branch organization as well as a well-structured sector and a short growth cycle for swift turnover of land.

“Moreover, French corn seeds producers are benefited with stable geopolitical situation, a wide range of soil-climate conditions, close location to major markets, prices and global competitiveness”, – V. Brochet added.

Additionally, the expert pointed out experienced farmers and seed-growers, production according to strict specifications, technical monitoring throughout all stages of production and steady yield.

All above-mentioned factors allow France to keep steady production levels, produce a large number of varieties using the up-to-date technologies and provide steady and secure supplies for customers.