Ukraine raised seeds export to the EU several-fold – Magaletska




In 2021, Ukraine raised export of seeds to the EU, declared Vladyslava Magaletska, Head of the State Service on Food Safety and Consumer Protection within Seed Forum – 2021 on December 2.

Ukraine exported 1642 tonnes of seeds in January-October, up 2 times compared to the result of full 2020 (822 tonnes) and up 5 times compared to 2019 (321 tonnes).

“Opening of the European seeds market took long 10 years. The negotiation on recognition of correspondence of Ukrainian seeds to the requirements of the EU started in 2011. Today, we have all opportunities to benefit from the multiyear efforts of negotiators”, – she pointed out.

Corn seeds are the core of the export. Ukraine exported 1207 tonnes of corn seeds, 333 tonnes of wheat seeds, 52 tonnes of sunflower seeds and 50 tonnes of other seeds to the EU in in January-October 2021.