Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine prompts traders to switch to export of feed grains




Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine sees no threat to domestic supplies of milling wheat despite the high pace of exports but prompted traders to switch to feed grains for the rest of 2021/22 MY so as not to fuel inflation, informed Reuters.

“So far we see no danger for the domestic wheat market”, – deputy minister Taras Vysotsky told at a meeting with traders and producers.

He said the volume of already exported milling wheat amounted to about 80% of the total export volume expected in the current season. The ministry's data showed that 10.8 mln tonnes of milling wheat were exported so far this season out of a total 13.4 mln tonnes expected for the season.

The ministry said 2.6 mln tonnes of milling wheat was available for export in the remaining months of this season.

The deputy minister advised traders to switch to the export of feed grains so as not to fuel an increase in domestic prices for wheat. Ukraine has exported 5.3 mln tonnes of feed wheat so far in 2021/22 MY, or around 45% of the volume available for feed wheat exports this season.