Turkey was the largest importer of Russian agricultural products in 2021




According to preliminary estimation by FCS, in 2021, Russian export of agricultural products to Turkey amounted to 13 mln tonnes at the sum of 4.3 bln UDS, up by 38% y/y in monetary terms. Turkey surpassed China and became the largest importer of Russian agricultural products with the share of 12%.

Turkey was the leading importer of Russian wheat in 2021. It bought 6.7 mln tonnes of the grain (down 15% y/y) at the sum of 1.8 bln USD (up 6.9% y/y).

Import of wheat in volume terms decreased slightly in the second half of 2021 due to the sharp decline of purchases in October amid the lira devaluation. However, import rebounded further through the year. At the same time, there was the strong competition from Ukraine, who raised supply of wheat to Turkey in July-December due to a record crop. Moreover, Argentina supplied wheat to Turkey for the first time in 10 years, and the wheat production will be record high in Argentina too.

Turkey was the largest importer of Russian sunflower oil as well. It increased import by 42% to 13 thsd tonnes and by 2.5 times to 1.1 bln USD.

Besides, Turkey was the main destination for Russian barley in 2021. It increased import by 3.1 times to 1.2 mln tonnes and by 4.2 times to 309 mln USD.

Corn import amounted to 1.1 mln tonnes (up 69% y/y) at the sum of 263 mln USD (up 2.3 times), bran – to 1.1 mln tonnes (up 21%) at the sum of 235 mln USD (up 59%).

Import of pulses increased by 4 times to 206 mln USD, cakes and meals – by 74% to 168 mln USD.