Russia increased sharply export of flour to Georgia, Afghanistan and Iraq in 2021/22 MY




According to the Customs Service of Russia, in July-November of 2021/22 MY, the country exported 134.5 thsd tonnes of wheat flour, up 39% y/y. 

Russia increases sizably supplies of wheat flour to Georgia (up 9 times y/y to 27.6 thsd tonnes), Afghanistan (up by 6 times y/y to 20.7 thsd tonnes) and Iraq (up by 4 times y/y to 8.5 thsd tonnes).

Russia is a traditional supplier of flour to Georgia, while Afghanistan used to buy a lion share of its flour import from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and Iraq has mainly bought flour from Turkey. However, smaller wheat crop in these exporting countries as well as economic constrains cut the flour production and export. Thus, Afghanistan and Iraq have turned to Russian origin.