Russia shipped almost 90% of its peas export potential for 2021/22 MY




According to the Federal Customs Service of Russia, in July-December 2021/22 MY the country exported 804.6 thsd tonnes of peas, up 74% y/y. It is the record figure for the reporting period.

Turkey was the main destination for Russian peas in July-December. It bought 182.4 thsd tonnes of peas, up 3 times y/y. Bangladesh imported 173.6 thsd tonnes of peas, up 6 times. Italy imported 81.8 thsd tonnes of Russian peas, up 5%. The common share of these countries totaled 54% in the structure of peas export.

APK-Inform forecast Russia to export 910 thsd tonnes of peas in 2021/22 MY, up 8% y/y, while the production is estimated at 2.8 mln tonnes, up 2%. The export potential has been 88% performed over 6 months of 2021/22 MY.