Russia exported record volume of peas in 2021




In 2021, Russia exported record volume of peas – 1.2 mln tonnes, up 69% y/y, informed Federal Centre of Quality and Safety Assurance for Grain.

Record monthly volumes were exported in August (180 thsd tonnes), September (198 thsd tonnes), October (168 thsd tonnes) and December (127 thsd tonnes).

Turkey tripled import of Russian peas to 277 thsd tonnes (+23% y/y) and became the largest buyer. Bangladesh tripled import to 216 thsd tonnes (+18%) and moved to the second position in the list of buyers. Italy increased import by 61% to 174 thsd tonnes, Latvia by 17% to 109 thsd tonnes, Spain by 18% to 103 thsd tonnes. Record volume of peas were supplied to Bangladesh, Italy, Latvia, Belgium (47 thsd tonnes), UAE (27 thsd tonnes), Kirghizia (25 thsd tonnes), Kazakhstan (20 thsd tonnes), the Netherlands (11 thsd tonnes), Thailand (4 thsd tonnes), Armenia (2 thsd tonnes).