To carry out the planting campaign properly is a key task for Kazakhstan – Atameken




In its recent report, FAO noted the record growth of food prices at 141%. Additionally, the physical access to agricultural products in an important issue as well. The main task for Kazakhstan is to carry out the planting campaign of 2022 properly and efficiently, declared Erbol Eseneev, Director of Agricultural Department at Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, within Asia Grains&Oils Conference 2022 on April 7.

“It will be more difficult under the current conditions, as all transport chains were destroyed, logistics turned to be more complicated, delivery time extended and prices increased. Therefore, the cost of the planting campaign will be much higher. For example, the prices of ammonium nitrate increased by 2-2.5 times”, – he said.

As E. Eseneev clarified that average $100 of direct costs per 1 ha is required for the planting campaign in Kazakhstan. In general, farmers need about 1 trln tenge for the prompt planting campaign in 2022.

“Atameken holds meetings with the prime minister. The state has already increased lending to farmers from 70 to 140 billion tenge, but this is not enough. We hope that the state will reconsider its approaches and respond more quickly to emerging challenges”, – E. Eseneev emphasized.

The availability of seeds is another problem. About 2 mln tonnes of seed material is needed, including about 300 thsd tonnes of seeds that have to be renewed.

“The lion's share of seeds is imported from the Russia, whose companies also faced logistical problems and sanctions. This is a problem for Kazakhstan as well. A few weeks ago, about 22 thsd tonnes of seeds were stuck at the border, of which 12 thsd tonnes have already been paid for. According to the latest information, the Russia has already allowed the export of seeds in a special manner. We are highly depended on seeds of oilseed crops – about 30%, corn – 20%, sugar beet – 90%”, – he said.