Export of Kazakh sunflower seed very low – Kazakh Grain Union




Kazakhstan exported only 65 thsd tonnes of sunflower seed in the first half of 2021/22 MY, down from almost 210 thsd tonnes in the same period year ago, declared Evgeny Karabanov, founder of the group of companies Severnoe Zerno, expert of Kazakh Grain Union within Asia Grains&Oils Conference 2022 on April 7.

“Despite the high sunflower seed production in 2021 (1.1 mln tonnes), the exports is very low in the first half of the season. It is mainly due to the export restrictions implemented in Kazakhstan in autumn of 2021”, – he said.

E. Karabanov added that the production and export of sunflower oil declined as well, but to less extent. Sunflower oil production totaled 177 thsd tonnes in September-February, down from 197 thsd tonnes in the same period year ago. Sunflower oil export totaled 47 (51) thsd tonnes.

“Kazakh Grain Union is against any restrictions of export of both sunflower seed and oil”, – he said.