Export prices of Ukrainian corn keep on declining – APK-Inform




According to APK-Inform, last week, the export prices of Ukrainian corn were declining on western land borders.

The surplus of the supply over the demand amid the absence of shipments through seaports, the logistic difficulties as well as the limited capacity of land exports and large stocks of corn were the key bearish factors. Market operators keep on looking for options to increase shipments through the ports of the Danube and seaports of Bulgaria and Romania as well as via land borders. Currently, stations of Izov, Uzhgorod and Chop are the most loaded and the market operators are looking for the ways to minimize the accumulation of transport at boarders.

The bid/offer prices of corn for delivery in April-May totaled 230-240/240-250 USD/t DAP Izov (Poland), down 10-15 USD/t the week ago. The bid/offer prices of corn decreased to 245-260/255-270 USD/t DAP Chop (Slovakia). The delivery to the port of Constanta (Romania) totaled 300-315/310-320 USD/t. The bid/offer prices of corn declined to 245-250/250-260 USD/t DAP Mohyliv-Podilskyi (Moldova).

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