March railway transportation of grain down 4.2 times in Ukraine




According to RAIL.insider, almost 11 000 wagons were loaded with grains in Ukraine in March 2022, down 4 times compared to February. Volume of grain loaded in March totaled 685.3 thsd tonnes, down 4.2 times m/m (2909.7 thsd tonnes in February).

Structure of grain crops loaded changed in March. In February, the share of corn totaled 75%, wheat – 18%, sunflower seed – 1%. In March, the share of corn decreased to 72%, wheat – to 5%, while that of sunflower seed increased to 11%.

Railway transportation of grain toward ports decreased significantly in March, as the ports remained blocked. In February, 96% of total grain volume was transported to ports. In March, the figure declined to less than 4%. The share of grain transported to western border checkpoints increased from 2% in February to 55% in March.