More than 300 thsd tonnes of grain were loaded for rail export in Ukraine in March – APK-Inform




According to railway statistics, about 310 thsd tonnes of grain were loaded for export through the land borders in March. The total included 1.2 thsd tonnes of wheat, 4.7 thsd tonnes of barley and 302 thsd tonnes of corn. At the beginning of April, there were lines of wagons at some border checkpoints. Sometimes, delay time were 2-3 weeks.

At the same time, other sources say that the exports of Ukrainian grain totaled about 1.4 mln tonnes in March at the sum of 386.4 mln USD, down by 60% y/y in volume terms and 55% in monetary terms. This figure includes volumes that physically were in ports or on vessels in February, however, the customs documents were made in March. Corresponding to this data, wheat export totaled 306.5 thsd tonnes (-56% y/y), corn – 1.1 mln tonnes (-59%) and barley – 4.8 thsd tonnes (-96%) in March.

APK-Inform forecasts Ukraine to export 18.6 mln tonnes of wheat in 2021/22 MY (+12%), 5.7 mln tonnes of barley (+36%) and 20.5 mln tonnes (-14%) of corn, taking into account the blockage of seaports amid the Russian military invasion into Ukraine.