Iranian buyers of grains and oils going to Grain&Maritime Days in Istanbul 2022




A delegation of the largest Iranian importers of grains and oils headed by Vegetable Oil Association, Oil seeds extraction association и Federation of Iranian food association will attend the international conference Grain&Maritime Days in Istanbul 2022 that will be held on May 25. Iranian companies are interested in cooperation with suppliers of grains, primary wheat.

Iran is highly dependent on imported grain. According to the USDA, imported corn accounted for 85% of the domestic consumption in the last three seasons. This share is 45% for barley and 20% for wheat. In 2021/22 MY, the share of imported wheat increased sharply (to 36% from 13% the year ago) due to the lower domestic production amid the drought. 

Ukraine was a large supplier of wheat to Iran this season. According to APK-Inform, Ukraine shipped 1.5 mln tonnes of major grains to Iran in July-February of 2021/22 MY, or 8% of the overall forecasted volume of wheat, corn and barley imports to Iran this season. Particularly, corn export exceeded 1.1 mln tonnes (13% of the forecast for 2021/22 MY), barley – 91.4 thsd tonnes (10%) and wheat – 264.2 thsd tonnes (1%). The supply of Ukrainian grain is essential amid upward revision of Iranian import forecasts, while the Ukrainian exports is blocked by Russian military invasion.  

At the same time, there is massive export of Kazakh wheat and barley to Iran. In July-February, barley export reached 64.4 thsd tonnes (2% of the forecast), wheat – 515.2 thsd tonnes (8%). The wheat supply is growing gradually. It was 105 thsd tonnes in February and amount to 152 thsd tonnes in March that was a new monthly record.

The average monthly volume of export of three major grains from Ukraine and Kazakhstan to Iran totaled 259 thsd tonnes this season. Under the current situation, Kazakhstan has good chances to increase the supply of grain to Iran.

You can meet Iranian importers of grains and oils at the international conference Grain&Maritime Days in Istanbul 2022.