Share of Ukrainian sunflower meal decreased to 35% on EU’s market – APK-Inform




According to APK-Inform, Ukraine exported the smallest volume of sunflower meal since September 2013. The country shipped abroad only 48 thsd tonnes of sunflower meal in April (-19% m/m) due to logistical problems and overloaded western land border checkpoints.

Virtually whole volume was shipped to the EU that remains the key market for Ukrainian product. Before the war started, Ukraine was the main supplier of sunflower meal to the EU as well.

In September-February 2021/22 MY, Ukrainian sunflower meal accounted for 43% of the overall import of the EU. The share decreased to 35% in September-April, as the export was very complicated due to the war.

“The EU tried to increase purchases of sunflower meal from Russian, Argentina and Moldova in March-April to offset the shortage on the domestic market. However, further import of Russian meal will be a problem amid the sanctions imposed on Russia. Thus, the demand for Ukrainian meal may increase. The prices are likely to be pressured by high supply and low capacity of border checkpoints”, – APK-Inform said.

Before the war, Ukraine was the leading global exporter of sunflower meal with the share in world export at 54% in 2020/21 MY.