Ukraine exported 28 thsd tonnes of grains by road transport from May 1 to 22




According to operative data provided to APK-Inform, Ukraine exported 27.9 thsd tonnes of major grains by road transport in May 1-22, 2022. Particularly, corn export totaled 26.3 thsd tonnes, wheat – 1.2 thsd tonnes, barley – 376 tonnes.

The largest volumes of grains were transported through border checkpoints at Polish border – 48% of total corn volume, 28% of wheat volume and the whole volume of barley.

Taking into account the blocked seaports amid Russian invasion in Ukraine, APK-Inform forecasts wheat export in 2021/22 MY at 18.8 mln tonnes (+13% y/y), barley – 5.7 mln tonnes (+37%) and corn – 21.2 mln tonnes (-11%).