France not to have extra wheat export potential in 2022/23 MY – Agritel




France is facing dry weather conditions that are negatively affecting wheat production prospects, declared Nathan Cordier, Head of analysis at Agritel (Argus Media) speaking at Grain&Maritime Days in Istanbul 2022 conference on May 25.

He said that soil moisture in Europe was very low, and France was facing the worst drought since 2011. Thus, the wheat crop conditions started declining and the production prospects are deteriorating.

Agritel forecasts French wheat yields at 6.8 t/ha in 2022 or 7% less than 10 years average. It was 7.12 t/ha in 2021.

With area at 4.9 mln ha, wheat production is expected at 33.3 mln tonnes in France, down from 35.5 mln tonnes in 2021.  

France will be able to raise the wheat export to the third countries to 10.5 mln tonnes in 2022/23 MY from 9.25 mln tonnes in 2021/22 MY amid lower domestic consumption, primary feed, because of lower animal herd. However, production decline will not let France to raise its exports more substantially and the country will have no extra wheat available for export to non-historical destinations. This is a negative signal amid poor export of wheat from Ukraine, whose ports remained blocked by Russian military aggression.