Ukrainian grain logistics to deteriorate with the start of harvesting in Ukraine and the EU




With the start of the harvesting campaign in Ukraine and the European Union, grain logistics may deteriorate if the issue of port unblocking is not resolved, chairman of Ukrainian Agrarian Council Andriy Dykun stated.

"The harvesting campaign will start in Ukraine in 2-3 weeks, while last year's grain is stored at the elevators. We are doing our best to extend storage capacity and increase exports. In March, Ukraine exported only 200 thsd tonnes of grain through the western border by rail and via the Danube river ports. In May, it exported 1.7 mln tonnes. We have greatly increased our capabilities, but this is still far from 5 mln tonnes of exports that passed through ports before the war. The main question I have to other countries is why this problem has not been discussed since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion? We, as a specialized association, immediately talked about global food security. Unfortunately, the whole world was silent about it. Even the relevant FAO association was silent for a long time, then it voiced a neutral position. If the issues had been raised at the same level as now, the unblocking of Ukrainian ports would have been resolved”, – A. Dykun said.

According to him, the logistical collapse will intensify when the EU begins to reap the new harvest.

"As Europe begins to harvest its own crops, our exports will decline. European business, first of all, will buy and transport its own grain. Today, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Ukrzaliznytsia are doing incredible things for export, and they have achieved a lot. But, unfortunately, this is not enough. Ports are needed for full-fledged exports", – A. Dykun added.