EU to consider providing Ukraine with temporary grain storage facilities




EU governments will consider providing Ukraine with temporary storage facilities. As a result, it should significantly help preserve the harvest and secure future grain supplies to world markets, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine informed.

Ukrainian deputy agriculture minister Markiyan Dmytrasevych said that in autumn under the current export pace the shortage of storage capacity could reach 10-15 ml tonnes. 

“Ukraine had 75 mln tonnes worth of grain storage capacity before Russia’s invasion, but now only has access to 60 mln tonnes worth of storage capacity because of destroyed infrastructure and Russia’s occupation. We have an urgent need to equip temporary grain storages – modular structures and plastic bags”, – M. Dmytrasevych said.

He added that functional phytosanitary and veterinary laboratories in the Danube port in Izmail would help speed up the export of Ukrainian products, as well as a sufficient number of laboratory equipment at border checkpoints through which transit takes place. Ukraine has already made a request to the European Commission.

Following the meeting of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council, Markiyan Dmytrasevych said that the European delegation should visit border checkpoints next week to assess the situation with inspections and further reduce bureaucracy at the borders for the export of Ukrainian agricultural products.