Sunflower seed export from Ukraine reached 20 years high




According to current data, Ukraine exported 352 thsd tonnes of sunflower seed in May that was a multiyear month high and exceeded by 89% foreign shipments of sunflower oil in the reporting month.

Overloaded logistics and long lines at western borders delay delivery of sunflower seed and slightly limit the export potential. However, the export pace keep on fastening in June. Ukraine has shipped abroad about 365 thsd tonnes of sunflower seed so far in June.

Since the start of the season from September 1 to June 20, Ukraine exported almost 895 thsd tonnes of sunflower seed, up 5 times compared to 10 months of 2020/21 MY. It is the record volume for more than 20 years.

Coming new harvest of rapeseed in Europe and Ukraine is pressuring prices of Ukrainian sunflower seed, while possible slowdown of export can be seen no earlier than July.   

APK-Inform raised their forecast of sunflower seed export from Ukraine to 1.3 mln tonnes for 2021/22 MY that is 7 times higher y/y and can be a historic maximum.

The experts do not exclude further corrections to the forecast due to higher pressure on logistics amid export of grains and new-crop rapeseed from Ukraine.