Kazakhstan to raise vegetable oils export by 2.2 times by 2025




The National Project for the Development of Agro-industrial Sector of Kazakhstan provides for an increase of export of vegetable oils by 2.2 times by 2025 that requires an expansion of planted area under oilseeds to 3.6 mln ha, Gulnara Bizhigitova, head of Plant Processing Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, said on June 24 during the first FOC 2022: Fats and Oils Conference.

She noted that over the past 6 years, planted areas under oilseeds have been increased to 3 mln ha from 2 mln ha in 2016. In the overall structure of the planted areas, flaxseed and sunflower account for about 75 share.

The production of oilseeds increased by 26% during this period from 1.9 mln tonnes to 2.4 mln tonnes. Particularly, sunflower crop rose 37%, flaxseed by 38%.

"There is a potential to increase the yield of oilseeds with the help of crop rotation, quality seeds, chemicals, equipment" – G. Bizhigitova said.

According to her, despite wider planted areas and higher production, Kazakh processing enterprises are experiencing a shortage of raw materials, plants are not loaded at full capacity, because the bulk of feedstock is exported.

"The main reason for the large share of oilseeds exports from Kazakhstan is their shortage in Central Asian markets. As the export of oilseeds grows, its shortage in the domestic market is supplemented by imports from Russia”, – she said.

G. Bizhigitova added that in recent years, launch of new processing facilities and modernization of existing ones happened in Kazakhstan every year. Accordingly, there is an increase in production and exports of oils, significant volumes of which are supplied to China and Uzbekistan.

"Over the past 6 years, Kazakhstan's oil production has increased by 45-55%, and exports of this product have almost tripled", – she said.