Low demand from Turley pressured Ukrainian corn prices in ports of Reni and Izmail – APK-Inform




According to APK-Inform, the prices of corn decreased in Ukrainian ports of the Danube last week.

Low demand from importers, mainly Turkish, pressured the price. Turkey said it wanted to buy Ukrainian grain at more than 25% discount and it was waiting for the corresponding prices. This was supported by information from media citing high-ranking Turkish officials saying about allegedly reached agreement to give Turkey a discount on agricultural products that would be transported from the port of Odessa to Istanbul as part of a joint agreement between Ankara, Kyiv and Moscow.

The bid prices of corn decreased by another 25 USD/t to 225-235 USD/t FOB (July-August) in ports of Reni and Izmail, while the lowest offer price was at 240 USD/t. The bid prices for corn declined by another 5-25 USD/t to 185-195 USD/t CPT-port, and did not exceed 6500 UAH/t CPT-port in hryvnia equivalent.

The bid prices of corn for delivery to the port of Constanta remained steady at 270-285 EUR/t (July-August).

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