Bid prices of barley decreased sharply in Ukrainian ports of the Danube – APK-Inform




According to APK-Inform, the purchasing prices of barley decreased sharply last week in ports of Reni and Izmail.

Farmers were active sellers, as they faced a shortage of storing facilities and were afraid to store grain in southern regions amid constant shelling by Russians. At the same time, the demand from buyers remained moderate amid overloaded logistics and expected growth of offers from farmers. The downward trend on the market of corn and wheat pressured the barely prices as well.

The bid prices of barley for delivery in July-August in ports of Reni and Izmail decreased by 30-35 USD/t to 130-160 USD/t CPT-port, and by 1000 UAH/t to 4000-5000 UAH/t CPT-port.

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