Grain harvesting 10% completed in Ukraine




As of July 15, Ukrainian farmers harvested early grains and pulses throughout 1.2 mln ha or 10% of a plan, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy informed. Production volume reached 3.6 mln tonnes with yield of 2.93 t/ha

Particularly, farmers have harvested:

  • 1.7 mln tonnes of wheat throughout 588.3 thsd ha with the yield of 2.88 t/ha;
  • 1.8 mln tonnes of barley throughout 589.6 thsd ha with the yield of 3.09 t/ha;
  • 77.3 thsd tonnes of peas throughout 42.1 thsd ha with the yield of 1.84 t/ha.

15 oblasts have started harvesting winter rapeseed. They have already reaped 259.2 thsd tonnes of rapeseed with yield of 1.94 t/ha throughout 133.7 thsd ha (11%).