Kazakhstan imported record volume of wheat flour in 2021/22 MY – APK-Inform




According to official statistics, Kazakhstan imported 17.6 thsd tonnes of wheat flour in July-May 2020/21 MY, up by 2.5 times y/y. It turned to be the record seasonal volume of wheat flour import.

Higher import was based on stronger supplies from Russia. Its share reached 98% in the overall volume of flour import to Kazakhstan. Russia delivered 17.3 thsd tonnes of wheat flour to Kazakhstan in July-May 2020/21 MY, up from 6.7 thsd tonnes over the same period of the previous season.

As a reminder, Kazakhstan imposed restrictions on export of wheat and flour acting until September.

At the same time, cheaper Russian flour is imported that compete with local product. APK-Inform raised sizably its forecast of wheat flour import to Kazakhstan in 2021/22 MY – to 20 thsd tonnes, up from 10.5 thsd tonnes expected last month.