Kazakhstan to harvest up to 16 mln tonnes of wheat in 2022 – Kazakh Grain Union




This year, Kazakhstan will harvest approximately 16 mln tonnes of wheat that will allow to export 9 mln tonnes, head of Kazakh Grain Union Nurlan Ospanov sid on August 2, ElDala.kz informed.

“We see the surplus of grain that will lead to large carry-over stocks amid strong import of Russia wheat and sunflower seed. This factor will pressure the prices on the Kazakh market”, – he said.

He added that Russia would harvest record crops of almost all grains.

“With smaller export opportunities compared to previous years, this volume should have find its markets. Likely, that it will be our traditional markets – Central Asia, Iran, China and Kazakhstan itself. Thus, the Russian factor will pressure the prices during the whole coming season”, – N. Ospanov supposes.

He considers that large crop and quite limited export opportunities will form low prices in Russia that will affect the Kazakh market. This can result in decrease of profitability of wheat cultivation in Kazakhstan next season.

“We see wheat stocks at 1.1 mln tonnes as of September 1. Planted area is seen at 12.8 mln ha. We expect the yield to be at 1.25 t/ha and the crop at 16 mln tonnes. Production after post-harvesting treatment should be 14.4 mln tonnes. Import from Russia can reach 13 mln tonnes. Thus, we will have 16.8 mln tonnes of wheat supply that is very high level”, – N. Ospanov said.

He added that the domestic consumption of wheat was 5.1 mln tonnes in Kazakhstan.