Bid prices of corn increased slightly at western Ukrainian border – APK-Inform




According to APK-Inform, the bid prices of Ukrainian corn for delivery by land routes increased for some destinations last week on the export market, despite high domestic stocks and coming harvesting of new-crop corn.

The prices were supported by stronger export of corn compared to other crops. Export by alternative routes were still complicated by limited number of importing countries as well as overloaded and expensive logistics.

The bid prices of corn increased to 215-235 EUR/t DAP Hungary and Romania. They remained stable at 195-210 EUR/t DAP Poland amid heavy logistical problems. Taking into account cost of delivery to cities of Poland and Slovakia, the prices reached 240-255 EUR/t, to cities of Romania – 250-270 EUR/t, to cities of Hungary and Bulgaria – 255-280 EUR/t.

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