Fat-and-Oil Industry conference to be held in Poland in 2022




Traditional international fat-and-oil conference by APK-Inform “Fat-and-Oil Industry” will be held on October 20 in Warsaw (Poland).

Exclusive information on the prospects of the oilseed sector in the new season as well as the most relevant and pressing issues of the world trade in oilseed and by-products will be discussed at the international conference Fat-and-Oil Industry-2022.

APK-Inform Agency will hold a landmark event in Poland, because the country became a key partner for Ukraine in the formation of trade with oilseed products in particular and agricultural products in general. In particular, Poland increased import of Ukrainian oil by almost 6 times in March-June 2022 compared to the same period of 2021, and the maximum monthly volume of Ukrainian sunflower oil was shipped to Poland in June – almost 50 thsd tonnes.

In general, the EU countries, which account for about 64% of the total volume of sunflower oil shipments since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, currently play the main role in supporting Ukrainian agricultural exports.

In general, as a result of the war, both the internal and external sectors underwent drastic changes. A global process of changing the structure of vegetable oils consumption was launched in the world, and its influence went beyond the food industry, in which Ukrainian sunflower oil played a leading role.

We invite you to join the professional conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry-2022" on October 20 and analyze the key issues that are worrying all market participants together with experts:

  • Prospects for the production and processing of sunflower seed in the world and, in particular, in the Black Sea region in 2022-2023.
  • Reduction in the supply of Ukrainian sunflower oil: functioning of Ukrainian ports, price dynamics, sales markets
  • Capacity loading and processing efficiency in Ukraine in conditions of high market uncertainty
  • Global redistribution of sunflower by-products trade flows
  • Global trends in the world market of vegetable oils and their impact on Ukraine
  • Market of crude oil products and biofuels as a key price driver
  • High-oleic sunflower seed: processing or export
  • State support for Ukrainian fat-and-oil sector during the war