Rapeseed prices continued growing in Danube ports of Ukraine – APK-Inform




According to APK-Inform, the bid prices of rapeseed have been growing in Ukrainian ports of the Danube since late July.  

The prices are supported by high demand from export-oriented companies and lower price of Ukrainian origin compared to European rapeseed. Stronger prices of oilseeds on the world market were bullish factor as well. At the same time, progress of the harvesting campaign of rapeseed in the EU and its growing number of offers pressured the Ukrainian prices.

The prices of rapeseed increased by 100-1200 UAH/t over the reporting period and totaled 14500-16000 USH/t CPT in Ukrainian ports of the Danube.

There are some hopes for restoring of rapeseed export via unblocked ports of Odesa oblast.

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