Kazakhstan has 3 mln tonnes of grain in stocks




According to the Bureau of National Statistics of the Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as of August 1, the stocks of grains and pulses totaled 3.06 mln tonnes, down 0.17 mln tonnes compared to the previous month.

By the beginning of August, the total stocks of Kazakh wheat were estimated at 2.45 mln tonnes, including 2.15 mln tonnes of milling wheat, 53.2 thsd tonnes of wheat for seeds, 152 thsd tonnes of feed wheat.

Also, as of August 1, the stocks of barley totaled 420.8 thsd tonnes, rye – 18 thsd tonnes, oats – 36.8 thsd tonnes, corn – 26 thsd tonnes, rice – 36.7 thsd tonnes, buckwheat – 14.8 thsd tonnes, millet – 4.5 thsd tonnes.