More than 200 ships were granted to move as part of Istanbul food agreement




As of September 6, permits for the passage of more than 200 vessels have already been granted as part of the "grain initiative", reports Interfax-Ukraine with reference to UN data.

"As of September 6, the total tonnage of grain and other food products exported from three Ukrainian ports reached almost 2.213 mln tonnes. A total of 204 ships were allowed to move for now, including 108 ships arriving in Ukrainian ports and 96 ships departing from them", – the message said.

On September 6, the Joint Coordination Center (JCC) granted permission to leave Ukrainian ports for 5 vessels carrying a total of 129.538 thsd tonnes of grain and other food products.

"The vessels Dignity (8.2 thsd tonnes of sunflower seed), Eliana (5.2 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil) and Kaptan Cevdet (2.472 thsd tonnes of soybean) will head to Turkey. The Seaguardian will deliver 62.266 thsd tonnes of barley, wheat and sunflower seed to Spain, and the Super Henry will transport 51.4 thsd tonnes of wheat to Kenya", – the UN said.