Viktor & K became partner of Fat-and-Oil Industry-2022




Viktor & K Private Company is a partner of the international conference Fat-and-Oil Industry-2022 that will be held on October 20 in Warsaw (Poland).

One of the most powerful enterprises of the food industry of Ukraine “Viktor and K” was founded in 1992.

As the young state gained experience, the capacity of the enterprise for the production of sunflower oil, mayonnaise and ketchup were growing.

Thirty years have passed in hard work, struggle for quality and planned development of the latest technologies. From a small district-scale enterprise, the production capacity of which was located in one small shop, an all-Ukrainian industrial giant for the production of food and industrial products grew.

From a small local enterprise with one small shop, Ukrainian industrial giant for the production of food and industrial products grew.

Today, “Viktor and K” owns three powerful plants that gives more than 2,000 jobs.

The enterprise's own distribution network sends hundreds of tonnes of finished products to different parts of the country every day.

“Viktor and K” has been actively cooperating with foreign partners for the past 12 years. To date, the company has trade relations with foreign firms from more than 80 countries. This number is constantly growing, because the royal quality of products flawlessly passes the necessary tests, meets all expert requirements and is well appreciated by foreign specialists. The company has its own laboratory for quality control, which, due to its location directly on the territory of the enterprise, provides a more appropriate and accurate analysis.

Since the beginning of the war, the company, in close cooperation with numerous foundations, supports the population affected by hostilities by transferring funds to charity. Tonnes of self-produced products were sent to the front and citizens in need country through volunteer organizations.

"Despite today's difficult conditions, the company works harmoniously! By involving innovations, it increases the capacities and sales volumes of the products of excellent quality! Everything that we will do in the future will only be better, because “Viktor and K” are real Ukrainians!”– the company emphasized.

Join Fat-and-Oil Industry-2022 and get a chance to meet the representatives of “Viktor & K” – one of the largest enterprises of food industry of Ukraine.