Ukraine started season with enormous carry-over stocks of grain




At the start of 2022/23 MY, Ukraine has enormous carry-over stocks of grain that is not typical for the country, head of the business projects unit of APK-Inform Andriy Kupchenko said on September 14 during the international agro-industrial Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Tashkent-2022.

"According to our estimates, the carry-over stocks of wheat amounted to 5.3-5.5 mln tonnes (up 1.5 times y/y), barley – 1.1 mln tonnes (+14%), corn – 7.7 mln tonnes (up 3.8 times). These volumes put pressure on the prices and the market situation in general", – he said.

The analyst noted that Ukraine remained among the TOP-10 producers of the main grains in the world in 2021/22 MY. It was the 7th largest wheat producer, the 4th biggest barley producer and 6th biggest corn producer in the world.

The country also managed to maintain the status of one of the main exporters of grain and remained among the TOP-5 largest suppliers. Ukraine ranked 5th among wheat exporters, 3rd among barley sellers, and 4th among corn.