Uzbekistan increasing oilseed planted area to reduce dependence on imports – Uzyogmoysanoat




Uzbekistan is working to lower the dependence on oilseed import for further processing, chairman of the board of Uzyogmoysanoat Association Oybek Zufarov said on September 15 during the international agro-industrial Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Tashkent-2022.

He said that the country is increasing planted area under sunflower seed, soybean, safflower and other oilseed crops annually.

Thus, Uzbek farmers planted 275 thsd ha with oilseeds in 2021, with production reached 324 thsd tonnes. The area amounted to 317 thsd ha in 2022, and production can reach 370 thsd tonnes.

In 2023, planted area under oilseeds can grow to 327 thsd ha and crop can increase to 374 thsd tonnes. In 2024, the figures can reach 335 thsd ha and 390 thsd tonnes.