Turkey tripled import of Ukrainian soybean since war started




Ukraine exported 1.39 mln tonnes of soybean in 2021/22 MY, down 5% y/y.

Soybean was the only one product of the oilseed segment, monthly export of which in a wartime was larger in comparison to the same period of the last year. In March-August 2021/22 MY, Ukraine exported 507 thsd tonnes of soybean, up 65 % y/y.

The EU and Turkey were the key importers of Ukrainian soybean since the beginning of the war and in general in 2021/22 MY. The EU was increasing soybean import since the start of the season (+36% over the season, +76% in March-August). Turkey slowed down purchases at the start of the season, but it started raising the imports in May.

Turkey imported 536 thsd tonnes of Ukrainian soybean in 2021/22 MY, down 2% y/y. However, the purchases tripled y/y in March-August.