Ukraine exported almost 4 mln tonnes of agricultural products in FH of September




Ukraine nearly doubled the export of grains, pulses, oilseeds and by-products during September 1-18 compared to August 1-15. The total shipments amounted to 3.9 mln tonnes. Thanks to the “grain corridor”, Ukraine exported 2.2 mln tonnes of the products during September 1-18, while the overall shipments by the corridor in August amounted to 1.7 mln tonnes, the Ministry of Agricultural Policy informed.

Over the reporting period, corn export amounted to 1.3 mln tonnes, up by 478 thsd tonnes compared to August 1-15. Ukraine has shipped almost 7 mln tonnes of corn since the start of the war.

Wheat export almost reached 1 mln tonnes, up by 600 thsd tonnes. Ukraine has shipped almost 2.5 mln tonnes of corn since the start of the war.

Ukraine doubled shipments of sunflower oil, rapeseed and soybean. The country exported 365 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil, 577 thsd tonnes of rapeseed and 125 thsd tonnes of soybean.

The barley export increased by more than 1.5 times to 189 thsd tonnes, sunflower seed – by 13% to 108 thsd tonnes.

The export of soybean oil increased by only 2.5 thsd tonnes to 16.5 thsd tonnes, oilseed meals – by 102 thsd tonnes to 271 thsd tonnes.

In the first half of September, the export of agricultural products from Ukraine included 32% of corn, 25.81% of wheat, 9.31% of sunflower oil, 2.76% of sunflower seed, 14.74% of rapeseed, 6.92% of meals, 4.82% of barley, 3.19% of soybean, 0.42% of soybean oil. Ukraine exported 2.9 mln tonnes of products via ports, 622 thsd tonnes by rails, 379 thsd tonnes by roads and 18.2 thsd tonnes by ferries.