NOPA became exclusive partner of Fat-and-Oil Industry-2022




National Oilseed Processors Association of Kazakhstan (NOPA) became an exclusive partner of the international conference Fat-and-Oil Industry-2022, which will be held on October 20 in Warsaw (Poland).  

NOPA’s activity is aiming at uniting processing enterprises and developing of fat-and-oil industry of Kazakhstan.  

NOPA is a non-commerce organization founded on May 20. 2021 in Nur-Sultan.

NOPA unites more than 75% of the oil production plants in Kazakhstan.

NOPA promotes and develops the communication between producers of fat-and-oil products, industry associations, scientific institutions and state bodies. Forecasting and industry analysis are the essential part of the association’s activity.

You can get more information about the activity of NOPA and meet the representatives of the association at Fat-and-Oil Industry-2022.