Export of Ukrainian corn to EU raised by 50% in October-August – APK-Inform




According to the data at the disposal of APK-Inform, Ukraine exported 24.9 mln tonnes of corn in October-August 2021/22 MY, up by 5% y/y.

The EU and China remained the key destination for Ukrainian corn. Their shares have amounted to 44% (10.9 mln tonnes) and 24% (6 mln tonnes) so far in 2021/22 MY. The EU raised purchases of Ukrainian corn by 51% in October-August, while China cut import by 30%. The shipments to Turkey increased by 2.6 times to 1.6 mln tonnes with the share grew from 3% to 7%.

APK-Inform said that under an optimistic scenario (prolongation of “grain corridor” functioning) Ukraine will export 24.3 mln tonnes of corn in 2022/23 MY, down by 5% y/y. Under a pessimistic scenario, the shipments of Ukrainian corn will decrease to 14.5 mln tonnes, down by 43% y/y.