Weather preventing corn harvesting in Ukraine




Unfavorable weather conditions in Ukraine hinder the corn harvesting, which has been threshed so far only on approximately 40% of the planned areas, the Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Agrarian Council Denis Marchuk said on November 24.

"Farmers who will not harvest corn this year will not sow next year. This will lead to a decrease in the planted area of corn. However, this will not affect the country's food security. In general, we have good production indicators – approximately 55 mln tonnes of all agricultural crops. This is less than last year. But in the conditions of war, occupation and economic losses this is the volume that guarantees food security", – the expert said.

He also added that Ukrainian farmers are finishing the winter planning campaign, 90% have already been planted, but the areas have decreased by approximately 40%.

"We will ensure domestic consumption for all crops we grow. Because we produce 3-4 times more than we consume. However, the decrease in planted areas will affect the country's economy, since the agricultural sector is export-oriented and before the war provided 40% of the entire foreign exchange revenue of the state", – D. Marchuk said.

He added that the course of the spring planting campaign was difficult to predict today.

"Many fields are left mined, agricultural enterprises are destroyed. Damages amount to more than 40 bln UDS. In such conditions, it is very difficult to guarantee 100% planting. Yes, it will be, but we will be able to talk about areas and crops in February", – D. Marchuk summed up.