Export of sunflower seed from Kazakhstan already exceeded last year’s volumes – NOPA




According to the estimates of the National Oilseed Processors Association of Kazakhstan (NOPA), for the first 5 months of 2022/23 MY, sunflower seed export will exceed the volume of export for the entire previous season. The Association warns that the further uncontrolled export of sunflower seed in the conditions of a shortage of this product on the world market threatens the signing of the memorandum on the stabilization of prices for sunflower oil in the country.

According to NOPA, the sunflower seed crop amounted to about 1 mln tonnes in weigh after processing in Kazakhstan in 2022. The total export of sunflower seed (including kernels) for the first 4 months of 2022/23 MY (September-December 2022) reached 190.8 thsd tonnes.

"It is also necessary to take into account the export of sunflower seed in January 2023, which, according to average statistics, can amount to more than 40 thsd tonnes. Then the total volume of sunflower seed export will be at least 231 thsd tonnes in September-January. For comparison, the export for entire 2021/22 MY totaled 223.7 thsd tonnes. Thus, for 5 months of 2022/23 MY, the volume of sunflower seed export will exceed the annual volume of 2021/22 season", – the Association told APK-Inform.

The stocks of sunflower seed (food), including imported from Russia, were at 760 thsd tonnes on the domestic market of Kazakhstan at the beginning of January 2023, according to the NOPA.

The further export of sunflower seed will lead to an imbalance on the domestic market and will affect the cost of finished products, that is, the increase in the price of sunflower oil is inevitable, NOPA emphasizes.

Today, the introduction of an export duty on sunflower seeds is being considered in Kazakhstan.

The export duty of 20%, but not less than 100 EUR/t, was planned to be introduced from the beginning of 2023.